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Spread the Gospel with a GodisForUs.com Bumper Sticker:

If you are a Christian and would like to spread the "Good News" of Jesus Christ in your community then we invite you to join us in sharing God's love and the message of the Gospel with others. Below you will find two styles of bumper stickers designed to point others to the website. Follow the instructions provided if you would like to obtain one or more of the stickers. If you would like to learn more about the website and the author please visit our Home Page. Thank You.


To Order the Bumper Stickers:

Bumper Stickers can be purchased for $1.00 per sticker. To order Bumper Stickers by credit card select the style you prefer and click the buy now button filling in the quantity desired, shipping information etc. (U.S.A. only)

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*Note: We are sorry to have to inform you that we can not send out any more free bumper stickers at this time due to the fact that funds are not available to continue to do so. Each sticker cost about $1.25 each to send out when postage, envelope and letter are added together. We are committing this to the Lord knowing He will provide the funds if He would have us continue to offer the stickers for free.

However, we are very thankful to the Lord for being able to send out just about 2,500 free stickers up until this time. Requests came in from every state in the USA, Canada and many, many other countries around the world which far exceeded our initial expectations! It's our pray that in time one or more of these many seeds planted all over this country and the world will bear fruit for the kingdom of God.

We encourage you to consider purchasing one or more stickers at the reduced price of $1.00 dollar each. A very small price to pay to give others the chance to hear the Gospel and be saved.

God Bless

Kevin McGill