GOD'S WORD THE BIBLE: Evidence for Inspiration


The argument from alternate possibility, while not a technical argument, but more of a "common sense" argument, holds considerable merit. This line of thought originates in the writings of John Wesley as related by Geisler and Nix p. 123.
It is presented here with some additional thoughts.

The Bible as we have it today is a very real entity which has come into existence through the agency of some outside force other than itself. There are a number of alternate possibilities for the explanation of it's existence which it can be said are mutually exclusive.

For instance, the following list can be considered to be the only possible source for the creation of the Bible:

1. good men or good angels
2. bad men or demons
3. God

In the first case we can eliminate good men and angels as the primary sole inventors of the Bible. It has already been shown that the authors of the Bible claim that their writings are the thoughts, words and commandments of God. Good men and angels would not lie therefore they cannot be the authors of scripture. We assume here of course that the authors of scripture are all men of sound mind. From all that we know from their writings and the witness of history there is no reason to question their integrity in this regard.

In the second case we can also eliminate bad men and demons, for they would not create a book which would command the highest standard of love, purity and righteousness; that commends the utmost reverence, honor and love for God; that forbids all sin, self indulgence and lawlessness; and then condemns their own selves to eternal punishment for failure to repent and live a life of grateful faith and obedience to God.

The only reasonable alternate possibility then for the true source of the creation of the scriptures is God.