GOD'S WORD THE BIBLE: Jesus and Biblical Inspiration


Summarizing the evidence presented thus far gives encouragement to those seeking to know the truth about Jesus and the scriptures. The New Testament has been shown to have been written by those who were eyewitnesses or close associates of the eyewitnesses to the life of Jesus. Their testimony has proven to be detailed, accurate and reliable. The text of the New Testament has been demonstrated to be genuine and trustworthy based on the vast manuscript evidence available today. The written record of the documents establishes the true identity of Jesus as God's only unique Son speaking with divine authority. Jesus affirmed the divine origin of the Old and New Testament documents in the words which He spoke and the promises He made. His testimony and teaching as the Son of God regarding the divine origin of the scriptures is authoritative and is the cornerstone of this vital doctrine.

The next point under this topic "Evidence for Inspiration" will add to Jesus testimony other proofs for the inspiration of the scriptures. These proofs will solidify this foundational truth and lay the groundwork for the presentation of the gospel and the truth of God's word as it speaks to the spiritual realities of this life. Please continue to the next point, "Evidence for Inspiration" to consider the information presented there.