GOD'S WORD THE BIBLE: New Testament Documents

This brief survey of the internal evidence of the written record of the New Testament documents reveals the following facts. The New Testament was written by men who were eyewitnesses to the life and teachings of Jesus or who were contemporaries and associates of the eyewitnesses. They were men from all walks of life who recorded in a very accurate way many details regarding the people, places, events and customs of the day. They were being motivated by love and duty towards God and man and the end result for their faithfulness was persecution, personal deprivation and in some cases violent death at the hands of their enemies.

This writer is in full agreement with the multitudes of others past and present who embrace the written record of the New Testament for what it claims to be, an accurate and reliable eyewitness account of the life of and teachings of Jesus Christ and history of the early church. We invite you to continue on to the next section where a examination of the text of the New Testament will be presented demonstrating that the scriptures have been carefully handed down and preserved in such a way that we can be sure that the New Testament we posses today is for all practical purposes virtually the same as the original manuscripts penned over 2000 years ago.