The God Of Creation

I would like to take some time now to talk in a little more depth about God and His love for this world. It's encouraging to consider that God, who has the power to create the universe and to give life to all living things, knows each one of us individually and wants to act in our best interest in every aspect of life. He desires to provide for our needs and to give us many good things in life. As I mentioned before I believe the way to begin to experience God's goodness in these things is by understanding and embracing God's love, His will and the truth about life. Having done this a person can establish a very real and lasting relationship with God and begin to experience Godís blessing in life.

Six Important Points

There are six important points I would like to explain which form the foundation for what is being communicated on this website. I am going to share a brief portion of scripture from the Bible to help me make each point. In these six points I believe you will find the essence of Christianity and the key to life. I will finish with some concluding remarks under the heading "Let's Reflect" after which you will have the opportunity to visit the "Library" where you can investigate everything I will be saying here in even greater depth. For now I would invite you to read on trying to get a basic understanding of the whole picture I am presenting to you.