Let's Reflect


I have discussed a number of very important issues of life which you may need to think about and investigate more thoroughly. In a moment you will have the opportunity to go to the "Library" where you can do that. The information in the "Library" will enable you to learn why we believe the Bible to be God's written word to man and will show you from the Bible why we believe that the many statements that I have made to you so far are true.

Other information and resources have also been provided there if you would like to study some of these issues in even greater detail from other sources or if you would like to try and find help to life's problems with solutions offered from a Christian perspective. I would like you to know that all this has been provided for you because God really does care about you and wants you to enter into a lasting relationship with Him. Please email me with any questions or comments you may have so I can be of assitance to you as you seek a better understanding of God.


Allowing that what I have said to you so far is true you might ask, "what does it all mean to us today?" The knowledge that there is a God in heaven who loves us and Who has revealed His will to us should be the source of great hope and comfort and should provide the motivation for us to begin to seek God with all our heart. First, we can obtain forgiveness of sins and reconciliation with God making it possible for us to begin to access and experience God's love and goodness in our lives. Second, as God's adopted children we can begin to learn how our heavenly father wants us to live and with His help to be obedient to His will which is the key to our own personal happiness. Lastly, we can know with certainty the truth about life and take hold of the only real hope of eternal life.


Let me also say that the Scriptures warn us not to neglect this great salvation which God has provided for us at tremendous cost to Himself and to His Son Jesus Christ. I have to be honest and very careful in warning you that God has not only invited us to receive Jesus into our lives as our Lord and Savior but He has commanded us to believe in His Son and repent of our sins. God's word also clearly warns that those who fail to respond to the gospel in repentance, faith and obedience will stand one day condemned before God and the object of His wrath. I urge you not to take these warnings lightly. Yes, God loves us, but His love and kindness do not negate His holiness and righteousness or His position as ruler and judge of all living things. In the library you can learn more about this under item four - The Gospel Message.


Before moving on allow me to address this whole issue with you on a more personal level. Perhaps you have always believed the Bible to be God's Word but for the first time you are now beginning to see and understand the true nature of the Gospel message it contains. If in your heart you sense a spiritual need that you have never really seen before and you think you would like to give more serious consideration right now to receiving Jesus Christ by faith as your Savior and Lord you can do that by going to another area of this site where that is explained in more detail. Click here. If however you are not ready to make that kind of a decision I would like to invite you to visit the "library" and begin to investigate for yourself in more depth the things that have been explained so far.