GOD'S WORD THE BIBLE: Evidence for Inspiration


The testimony of multitudes throughout the history of Christianity has been of the transforming power of the word of God in the life of the individual who yields to it in faith and obedience. Irregardless of differences in time, geography, nationality, education, age, sex or previous religious experience those who truly become God's adopted children through faith in Jesus Christ experience the life changing dynamic of the word of God in their lives.

Many who have lived their lives in spiritual darkness and sin have been set free by the love and grace of God to begin to live a new life in Christ. The power of sinful thoughts, desires and deeds have been broken and the new person born in Christ has grown to spiritual maturity.

The amount of good that has been done in the name of Christ throughout the world by Christians is immeasurable. If the humanitarian assistance in terms of food, clothing, medical care, education and financial assistance could be calculated and documented the information would be astounding. This together with the love and genuine concern given one person at a time is a miracle worthy of consideration.

One would expect that a book given to man by God would have a dynamic influence on those who embraced it. Without a doubt the Bible is such a book having directly transformed the lives of multitudes of people through the ages who have received the Gospel message in truth. The Bibles dynamic ability can also be seen indirectly overflowing into the lives of those who have been the recipients of the love of God found in the hearts of His children.