JESUS GOD'S SON: Introduction


In the last topic, "A Biblical World View", it was shown that the scriptures consistently present the truth that there is one true God who is maker of heaven and earth; that He reigns as sovereign ruler over His creation governing all things in righteousness and justice, and that God is perfect in the totality of His being. Furthermore, it is clear that the world which God has created is His possession and has been created according to His plans and purposes meaning that man is to be subject to God in all things receiving with gratitude the gift of life which has been given by God. The reality of sin as it is revealed in scripture has been presented along with it's terrible threefold consequences. Now attention will be focused on God's provision for man's deliverance from sin. The scriptures teach that mankind needs salvation from sin and that God has provided this salvation in the person of His Son Jesus Christ our Savior and Lord.

The identity of Jesus as God's Son has been explained in detail under the topic "God's Word the Bible" in the main point "The Identity of Jesus". In that presentation all the evidence supporting this truth was offered for consideration. The purpose of this was to demonstrate that Jesus is God's Son, the Messiah promised in the Old Testament scriptures, who came to this world to reveal and establish divine truth. This fact is important to know because Jesus affirmed the inspiration of the scriptures as He taught with the authority of God.

Even more important than the mission that Jesus had to reveal and establish the truth was His mission to bring salvation from sin to man. The purpose of this section will be to present the biblical teachings which establish the fact that Jesus Christ came to this world as savior from sin. However, if you have not had the opportunity to consider the evidence regarding the identity of Jesus as God's Son we encourage you to visit that part of the website and review the information presented there. Click Here. If you have already considered that information please continue on to learn more about the mission of Jesus to save this world from sin.