Having presented the evidence for the inspiration of the Bible, affirming it's divine origins, we now turn to examine what the Bible teaches about God, this life and the world in which we live. While the life experience of each person throughout history is in general a common one the understanding and explanation of the true nature of this life along with any unseen spiritual realities which have bearing on it are many and varied. The presence of numerous active world religions today gives testimony to the truth of this situation. The beliefs regarding a supreme being or force behind all that we see and the way in which an individual should live in this world in light of such beliefs are at times drastically different.

The purpose of this topic, "A Biblical World-View", is to explain the way in which the Bible views God, this life and the world in which we live. We realize of course that when we look to see what the Bible has to say about these things we are really learning what God says. We are reminded again that Jesus when referring to the words of the Old Testament said to His readers, " have you not read that which was spoken to you by God". (Matthew 22:31)

The world-view found in God's Word includes both seen and unseen realities which are relevant to our existence today. For example God is an unseen reality who has great relevance to our lives. The true nature of God and His will for man cannot be fully known apart from God revealing those things to us. This revelation, as we have stated before, is believed by Christians to be found in the Bible. There are three specific topics that will be presented here for consideration: 1) the person of God; 2) the world we live in; 3) the nature and consequences of sin.

The reader will find in these three topics the starting point for beginning to know the answers to the biggest questions in life along with the solution to man's continuing problems. Please continue to the next point to begin to consider the biblical world-view of the person of God.