GOD'S WORD THE BIBLE: Introduction


If you have made your way to this topic without having read through the introductory portions of the website, where an overview of many important spiritual issues was presented, we recommend that you go to the home page now to consider those remarks before continuing here.

The purpose for presenting this topic, "God's Word the Bible", is to give an overview of the evidence for the belief of Christians that God is the ultimate author of the Bible, and that the Bible contains His written revelation to man, trustworthy and true regarding the things of which we have been speaking. This information is presented with the conviction that the cornerstone of the evidence for the inspiration of the Bible is the testimony and teaching of Jesus Christ as found in the New Testament.

Therefore, the information offered here will demonstrate the following:

First, that the New Testament is a trustworthy historical document consisting of an accurate and reliable written record of the life and teachings of Jesus Christ given by eyewitnesses, or those who were close associates and contemporaries of the eyewitnesses, who recorded what they saw, heard and experienced, that all who follow might come to know the truth about Jesus.

Second, it will be shown that this written record reveals that Jesus Christ is the Son of God who came to this world to establish the truth and to bring salvation from sin to mankind. An emphasis will be placed on the fact that Jesus, as God's Son, is the preeminent source of truth who spoke with divine authority.

Third, it will be shown that Jesus, the Son of God and preeminent source of divine truth, clearly affirmed the Old Testament as the Word of God to be believed and obeyed in all things. Furthermore, the record shows that He in essence affirmed the New Testament as God's Word even before it's inception when He promised that His word's would never pass away, and commissioned His disciples to teach others, promising them the help of God's Spirit to bring to their remembrance all that had been said in their presence and to guide them into all truth.

Along with the above, additional arguments for the inspiration of the Bible will be presented to give further support to this vital truth.