If you are a Christian and would like to spread the "Good News" of Jesus Christ in your community then we invite you to join us in sharing God's love and the message of the Gospel with others. If you would like to learn more about the website and the author please visit our Home Page.

1.BUMPER STICKERS: Everyday as you drive through your community you can give many people the opportunity to be exposed to the gospel by having a bumper sticker on your car. To preview the bumper stickers and learn how they can be obtained please Click here.

2. E-MAIL: The internet provides a great opportunity to bring the gospel to others. If you know of someone in need of hearing the gospel send them the web address, www.GodisForUs.com, along with a personal invitation to thoughtfully consider the contents. If you know of other Christians who would like to share the gospel and who could benefit from the use of the website we encourage you to send the web address to them as well.

3. WEB LINK: If you presently have a website and would like to use it to bring the gospel to others you may place a link to this website on yours so that others might have benefit of the information provided here. Right click on the image below and save as anibutton.gif. Then cut and paste the code provided into the appropriate page using an HTML editor.

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4. DAILY WITNESS: Every Christian should be looking for opportunities to share the gospel with others in their daily walk. This website has been created in part with a desire to equip other Christians to be effective in their daily witness to others. We believe that every important issue relevant to an effective and comprehensive presentation of the gospel has been covered on this website and encourage other Christians to use the contents to share the gospel with those whom God has brought into their daily sphere of influence.