You will notice that while the title of the topic " How to Use the Library" has not changed the second main point, "Content" has appeared to the right of the title in the large green band at the top of the page. This indicates that while staying in the topic "How to Use the Library" you have moved from the first main point "Introduction" to the second main point, "Content".

You will also notice that to your right a second menu has appeared. This is the right side bar menu. In this menu you have the available choices for sub-points associated with the second main point "Content". You have automatically been placed in the first sub-point labeled, "Explanation". You can identify which sub-point you are in by looking at the top left hand side of the text page you are on at any time. As you can see the title of this text page on the top left is, "Explanation".

To advance to the second sub-point, "Navigation", under the main point, "Content", choose the second item in the right side bar menu labeled, "Navigation" or click the continue button below.

Please move to the second sub-point "Navigation" at this time.