ABOUT US: The Author: Kevin McGill

In 1975, while a young man in my early twenties, God led a mature Christian into my life while I was working as an apprentice electrician. Sensing my spiritual need, Bill the journeyman electrician to whom I was assigned, shared the gospel with me over a period of time while we worked together on the job. Not long after I made a profession of faith in Jesus Christ and was baptized in the church which Bill attended. Bill, along with his wife Ginny, continued to minister to me after my conversion by taking a genuine interest in my life and allowing me to share in theirs. Their love and encouragement was a blessing from God for which I am very thankful.

My first experiences of beginning to learn and grow in the Christian faith were in this same church then under the leadership of a young new Pastor. Pastor Bob, a man dedicated to the Word of God, counseled and encouraged me to approach every problem in life according to the principles given to us by God in the Bible. Many of the verses of scripture I memorized and applied to my life years ago, while being discipled by Pastor Bob, are still providing me with strength and guidance. As clear as ever, even today as I write this testimony, I can hear Pastor Bob encouraging me with these words," I am confident of this very thing, that He who began a good work in you will perfect it until the day of Christ Jesus." (Philippians 1:6)

I want to take this opportunity to thank God for bringing these three people into my life to begin the good work of spiritual renewal and transformation which by the grace of God continues to this day. I would also like to express my gratitude and thanks to Bill, Ginny and Pastor Bob for their genuine love and concern for me and for their faithfulness to God in serving Him in the different places to which He has called them.

A few years after my conversion, having a desire to learn more about God's word, I enrolled in Northeastern Bible College of New Jersey. Soon depleted of funds I relocated to Miami where eight months later I transferred to Miami Christian College. In 1982 after completing my studies I graduated from Miami Christian College where I received a Bachelor of Arts in Bible and Theology. God's goodness to me was again at work as I had the opportunity while in Bible college to benefit from the teaching ministry of many godly men and woman who were used of God to begin to build a solid foundation of biblical truth in my life. I would like to thank each one of these people along with the other staff members at the college who all gave of themselves sacrificially to serve the Lord in providing biblical instruction to those of us whom God led into their lives.

In 1981 I was married to my wife Cindy whom I met at Bible College. Again I have to thank God for one more blessing He has brought into my life. Cindy has been a loving mother and wife who's kind and caring spirit has blessed my life and that of our children. Her faithfulness to me in times of trial has demonstrated how valuable a treasure she is and has won my deepest loyalty. In August of 2001 we celebrated our twentieth anniversary at which time I etched these simple word's on the tablet of my heart, "Friends Forever". Thank you Cindy for your love and faithfulness.

After receiving my degree at Bible College I went back to work in the electrical industry until my retirement in 2010. Over the years I have been active in local church ministries teaching Sunday school, serving as Sunday school superintendent, working with youth and participating in evangelistic outreach efforts. I served for two years as a volunteer group counselor once a week at America's Keswick, a Christian alcohol and drug rehab, and have also had the opportunity to serve the Lord with my electrical skills in Haiti for "Mission To Haiti", and in Bonaire for "Trans World Radio". Most recently I have founded Omega Christian Outreach Ministries Inc. which was established to bring the Gospel to the people of our local communities through small group studies focused on the Bible.

With a grateful heart and a desire to serve God and others it's my purpose here to create a website that will help others to understand and embrace God's love for us, His will for our lives, and the truth about life to the end that all who view it's pages might come to know Jesus Christ by faith as their Savior and Lord.

Standing Firm in the Grace of God,
I Peter 5:12; II Timothy 2:1

Kevin McGill

"Behold, God is my salvation, I will trust and not be afraid; For the LORD GOD is my strength and song, And He has become my salvation." (Isaiah 12:2)