GOD'S WORD THE BIBLE: Evidence for Inspiration


We believe that the foundation on which the fact of the inspiration of the Bible lies is the authoritative testimony and teaching of Jesus Christ God's Son. Jesus sent out His disciples to preach and teach in His name promising His abiding presence and the guiding of the Spirit of God for them in all things. Therefore on the basis of the testimony and teaching of Jesus and His apostles we find ample evidence to safely conclude that the Old and New Testament scriptures are the inspired word of God.

In addition to this solid foundation there are a number of other complimentary arguments which give further support to the teaching of the inspiration of the Bible. The purpose of this section will be to give a presentation of these additional arguments. The information is summary and brief and the reader is encouraged to investigate the sources already cited for a more thorough examination of the issues. Altogether the evidence provides an overwhelming case for the inspiration of the Bible. The person seeking God should not at all feel hesitant about placing their full confidence in the scriptures as we have them today as God's revelation to man, trustworthy and true in all respects.