GOD'S WORD THE BIBLE: Jesus and Biblical Inspiration

Having demonstrated that the evidence of the record of the New Testament establishes Jesus' identity as the Son of God along with His authority as the preeminent source of divine truth we can turn back to the record of the New Testament to see what Jesus taught about the many important issues of life which affect all of us today. However, the first and most important issue to learn about in this regard is the origin and nature of scripture. What did Jesus, the only reliable reference point of truth, teach about this important topic?

In the case of the Old Testament scriptures we find that Jesus recognized them, not as the mere writings of devout men, but as the very words of God to be believed and obeyed in all things. While the New Testament was not yet written we find that Jesus laid the foundation for these scriptures in what He taught and committed to the care of His Apostles. On the basis of His promises that His word's would never pass away and of divine guidance for those He chose to represent Him we can be assured that the written record we have received from the pens of the Apostles in the pages of the New Testament is also nothing less than the very word's and commandments of God.