GOD'S WORD THE BIBLE: New Testament Documents


In the following pages we will endeavor to provide the reader with a survey of some of the basic background information pertaining to the New Testament documents. The general content and style of the documents will be discussed along with a brief biography of each of the authors. The fact that the authors were eyewitnesses to the life of Jesus will be documented to begin to dispel the unwarranted skepticism held by many today regarding the trustworthiness of the New Testament. The astounding amount of accurately reported detail regarding the people, places, times and events recorded will be noted as the reliability of the New Testament is discussed. Along these same lines the motives of the authors will be examined together with the outcome of there lives to find out if there was anything evident to undermine the credibility of their message. We hope that the myths regarding the unreliable nature of the New Testament as a trustworthy historical document will be placed aside when all the facts about this invaluable collection of early Christian literature is brought to light.